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Largo Residências: Transforming a community through responsible tourism

Largo Residências is a hostel, hotel, artist-in-residence and café in Lisbon’s fast-changing Intendente neighbourhood. Largo Residências, run by a cooperative, uses its revenue from tourism and events to develop projects to support the cultural and social inclusion of the most vulnerable groups. In the past years, Largo has become a social net for many of the area’s residents and a community as well as a community hub, leading the discussion about Lisbon’s touristification and gentrification. Endangered by the tourism-driven real estate development transforming the city’s historical areas, Largo has been working on opening new spaces for its activities.

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Stiftung trias – Taking properties out of the speculation market

Stiftung trias was established in 2002, to help community groups and co-housing projects access financing. Trias takes land off the market by separating the ownership of land and buildings: supported initiatives lease the land from the foundation in the form of a long-term Heritable Building Right and their lease fee is collected in a mutual fund run by Trias. In recent years, Trias has also been working with public administrations, securing functions for properties that municipalities are obliged to sell under austerity laws.

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ZOHO – Development with a hundred investors

ZOHO is a former inner city business area in Rotterdam, that gradually witnessed a loss of attractiveness. Stipo, an Amsterdam/Rotterdam-based urban regeneration office stepped in and cooperating with the area’s owner and various creative and social companies redeveloped the area step-by-step, through rethinking its empty buildings and public spaces.

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