Economy: The way in which resources are redistributed amongst people is the way in which democracy and inclusion can be guaranteed. These articles explore the way in which local communities have developed new economic models to sustain their projects and ensure their durability.



Community: It is not a static and well defined concept, it is an evolving reality depending on the people involved, the local context and external factors. These articles explore the different ways in which communities take shape, organise themselves and impact local scale or even transnational dimensions.



Culture: Projects that accommodate expressions of our society, from theatre and dance to graffiti and electronic music. Culture has the possibility of bringing together people from different economic groups, different age, different religions, different countries of origin. These are some of the stories of cooperative culture projects that we encountered in our cities. Share your experience!



Governance: The way in which cooperative processes are developed is at the core of these articles that explore the stakeholders, their relationships and the rules they have developed to work together.  Governance is the structure that allows the public administration, private sector, research centres, NGOs and private citizens to develop joint projects. Share your experience!



Environment: Collaborative processes foresee an attention for the environment in which stakeholders work together, this allows for the projects to be sustainable and durable. Local energy production, water recycling, food cultivation experiments, waste upcycling are only some of the experiences behind these projects.