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Alla crisi Covid-19 potrebbero seguire ad oggi oltre 200 milioni di disoccupati. Non [...]
Based on the experience developed over the past ten years in Lisbon, the Bip/Zip program [...]
Ecomuseo Casilino is a museum that operates beyond the standard walls of a museum. The [...]
Mindspace is a non-profit organization based in Budapest and founded in 2011. It manages [...]
ShareTown is a fictional town populated by a cast of characters, which sets out to [...]
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With today's European cities hosting most of the continent’s population and urban areas [...]
The US presidential election results came as a surprise to many of us especially because [...]
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  Year: 2018 Length: 2.01 Director: Jorge Masquera Language: [...]
Based in Amsterdam since 2008, CITIES Foundation has been working to address global [...]
Toolbox was established in 2010 in an industrial zone of Turin. In the city’s [...]
Communication between citizens and local administrations is a key element of [...]
Paralelní Polis is a community space organised around the notions of bitcoin and [...]
Laituri is an urban information centre in Helsinki established in 2008. Attached to the [...]
Locality is the national network of ambitious and enterprising community organisations, [...]
In the past years, civic crowdfunding has become an increasingly used tool by communities [...]
Spacehive is a civic crowdfunding platform based in London. The platform, established in [...]
Brickstarter is a platform for crowdfunding and crowdsourcing architectural projects, [...]
Goteo is a platform for civic crowdfunding founded by Platoniq, a Catalan association of [...]
Vivero de Iniciativas Ciudadanas is a platform to support citizen projects in Madrid. [...]
“The trick is how to translate the masterplan to something that people can understand" [...]
The Peissnitzhaus, a historical building in Halle/Saale was abandoned between 1990 and [...]
LaFabrika detodalavida is a multifunctional community centre in Los Santos de Maimona in [...]
Wikitoki is a laboratory of co-creation and collaborative practices in Bilbao. [...]
Year: 2017 Length: 2.28 Director: Daniel Gomez, Nestor Juez Language: [...]
Year: 2017 Length: 1.35 Director: Daniel Gomez, Nestor Juez Language: [...]
Tudigo (ex-Bulb in Town) is a French crowdfunding platform established in 2012 by [...]
Year: 2018 Length: 3.55 Language:English Director: Jorge [...]
Year: 2017 Length: 1.57 Director: Daniel Gomez, Nestor Juez Language: [...]
Year: 2017 Length: 2.25 Director: Daniel Gomez, Nestor Juez Language(s): [...]
Year: 2017 Length: 2.25 Director: Daniel Gomez, Nestor Juez Language: [...]