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About Cooperative City Magazine

The Cooperative City Magazine is a project run by Eutropian, based in Vienna, Austria. The company is working with various European cities and partners in order to improve the urban tissue, involve citizens and defend their rights to the city. 

This online magazine is collecting and sharing promising practices from European cities. By focusing on the experiences of those who make, transform and enhance our cities, the magazine addresses their relationships, their challenges and their successes in bringing forward more inclusive and resilient cities. The Cooperative City Magazine is the result of the joint effort of many different professionals, who collectively create this experiment. Our aim is to bring to our readers novel contents on how locally rooted development projects shape our cities.

Cooperative City Magazine Founders


Daniela Patti is an Italian-British architect and urban planner. She has studied in Rome, London, Porto and holds a Ph.D. in urbanism from the Technical University of Vienna. Specialised in urban regeneration and environmental planning with a particular focus on metropolitan governance and collaborative planning, her recent research and projects’ interest has been on the governance of metropolitan areas, sustainable food production and distribution systems and collaborative economic models for community-based urban development. She is co-founder and director of Eutropian both in Rome and Vienna, an organisation supporting collaborative planning processes between public administrations and civic groups. She regularly works for the DG Regio of the European Commission and urban programs such as URBACT and Urban Innovative Actions amongst others. She has been guest lecturer in the University of Roma Tre, Tor Vergata, UIAV Venice and Universidad de Buenos Aires.


Levente Polyak is urban planner, researcher, community advocate and policy adviser. He has worked on urban regeneration programmes for the New York, Paris, Rome, Vienna and Budapest municipalities. He taught at MOME and BME (Budapest) and TU Wien, was visiting fellow at Columbia University and the ENSA Paris-Malaquais and holds a PhD in Sociology from the Central European University. He is a co-founder and managing director of Eutropian (Vienna-Rome) and member of KÉK (Budapest). As an expert of the URBACT and Urban Innovative Actions, he has been coordinating international knowledge exchange projects between municipalities, knowledge institutions and civil society organisations in various countries of Europe. Specialised on urban regeneration, cultural development, community participation, civic economy and social innovation, he has been supporting public administrations, NGOs and community initiatives in creating spatial development projects and new governance models.


Sophie Bod

Sophie Bod is an energetic, hands-on project manager who combines academic excellence with expertise in  communication assignments. She holds a BSc in Communications & Media Studies from the University of London and an MA from SOAS. She has over a decade of experience managing multifaceted projects, including working with several UK cultural institutions, NGOs, and some of the UK’s largest charities. She is currently working for a boutique PR agency as well as coordinating and editing the Cooperative City Magazine. 

Andrea Giuliano is a human rights activist mainly, focused on transfeminism, LGBTQIA issues, migration, poverty, antifascism and secularity. He works as a freelance translator, proofreader and photojournalist. He has been reporting for both Italian and international media covering many different topics including migration, politics, tourism and human rights.  He also started two photography projects: “Dirty Elegance” deals with the reinterpretation of architecture and nature, celebrating the beauty of run-down buildings and deserted spaces. “Deconstructing the Male” expresses and explores the concept of “queer”.


Julia Baudier is a web designer and video artist. She studied Visual Communications and Experimental Mediadesign in Berlin and Budapest and has received a diploma in web design in Vienna. She has worked in various fields of Media design, Exhibition design, Film visuals and editing. Since 2010 she has mainly focused on web design, working as an employee and freelancer mainly in the artistic and cultural environment.


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Gender and Diversity Equality Policy

Cooperative City Magazine and Cooperative City Non-Profit Ltd aims to secure a supportive working environment which promotes equality and endorses an inclusive environment that values diversity.  Read our Gender and Diversity Equality Policy.