Cooperative City Non-Profit Ltd

Cooperative City Non-Profit Ltd is a research, policy and advocacy organisation helping civic involvement in urban transformation processes. It is small non-profit enterprise specialised on collaborative urban development practices in Europe, with particular attention to local development and social inclusion of marginalised groups. It is a  partner organisation of Eutropian GmbH, that works with NGOs, community groups, social enterprises, municipalities and EU institutions in developing services, policies and organisational models.  Cooperative City is experienced in facilitating workshops with a diversity of stakeholders, moderating events, coordinating local and international knowledge transfers and education programmes, and designing cooperation processes. In its research, Cooperative City explores  innovative urban cooperation practices and we regularly publish our findings in Cooperative City Magazine. In its advocacy work, Cooperative City promotes citizen- and community-led urban initiatives by giving them additional visibility, connecting them to broader local and international networks and bringing them into inter-sectorial discussions about urban transformation.

The founders of Cooperative City Non-Profit Ltd are Levente Polyak, Sophie Bod, Lukacs Hayes.