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Cooperative City Magazine brings its readers the stories of collaborative urban development processes in different areas in Europe. It is a project run by Eutropian, a company and association developing collaborative planning processes in various cities in Europe.

We launched the Cooperative City webinars to bring together people from across Europe to share experiences and collaborative responses to the present crisis.

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The Cooperative City in Quarantine

#12 Community Spaces

What kinds of financial support and solidarity structures are needed to help community-led development projects flourish?

#3 Culture

How can we help the creative community and how can we make sure that we learn something from this experience when the emergency is over and make the most of it?

#6 Urban commons

How can urban commons strengthen communities and help face the upcoming social and economic challenges? Produced in cooperation with the gE.Co project.


Planning post-COVID-19 cooperative cities Building on existing efforts towards social economy.

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