Exploring the just transition Europe


This paper was generously supported by funding from the Open Society Foundations as part of C40’s Global Green New Deal Pilot Implementation Programme. It was produced to inform the programme and provide a useful resource on just transition for cities in the region.


Regional experts
EUTROPIAN  Simone d’Antonio, Daniela Patti, Levente Polyak

C40 Cities: Jazmin Burgess, Krisztina Campbell

C40 Cities: Júlia Lopez Ventura, Muna Suleiman

Edited by: Melanie Thompson Designed by: Edward Cooper, Coopergraphics Cover Photo: © pidjoe, Getty Images

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This report commissioned by C40 and co-authored by Eutropian highlights the opportunities that cities can leverage and strategies that may be effective in shaping a stronger collective voice in pursuit of just transition in Europe.  It (1) provides a key resource for European cities to improve their understanding of their national contexts and key plans, policies and projects relating to just transition; (2) emphasises the role of cities and their entry points to contribute towards the debate on a just transition;  (3) evaluates advocacy opportunities in global climate discussions; (4) explains the range of regional stakeholders active in the just transition space; and (5) provides C40 with an up-to-date evidence base on the topic of just transition so that it can best support European and global cities to develop their climate actions.

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