The Coronavirus pandemic is causing huge damage in both physical and psychological terms [...]
It is hard times, we fear for the future globally and individually. Many of us feel [...]
Il lockdown ha messo in luce l’entità delle disuguaglianze nelle nostre società, ma [...]
Episodio # 3: Sfide e soluzioni potenziali per il settore culturale Viviamo tempi [...]
Viviamo tempi difficili, abbiamo temuto per la nostra salute e quella dei nostri cari, e [...]
Based on the experience developed over the past ten years in Lisbon, the Bip/Zip program [...]
Produced by Eutropian for Open Heritage Researcher & Producer: Levente Polyak [...]
Adriana Freire is the founder of Cozinha Popular da Mouraria, a community kitchen [...]
While decisions taken in Bruxelles are increasingly recognised as affecting our daily [...]
As a result of the signature of the Pact of Amsterdam on 30th May 2016, Europe has [...]
Per ridurre la povertà nei quartieri svantaggiati delle nostre città molto può anche [...]
Largo Residências is a hostel, hotel, artist-in-residence and café in Lisbon’s [...]
Year: 2017 Length: 1.46 Director: Máté Bartha Language: English More [...]
BIP/ZIP is a pioneering strategy by the Lisbon Municipality’s Body of Housing and Local [...]