Magdas Hotel Magdas Hotel is a social business hotel based on cooperation, existing [...]
A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of [...]
Augustin: the social conscience of the city The Augustin is an independent Viennese [...]
A four-storey historical building in the heart of Vienna that houses bicycle, woodworking [...]
Given the current situation, more than 200 million people could become unemployed as a [...]
The Coronavirus pandemic is causing huge damage in both physical and psychological terms [...]
It is hard times, we fear for the future globally and individually. Many of us feel [...]
Con l’arrivo della pandemia e del lockdown che ne è seguito, lo spazio pubblico è [...]
Alla crisi Covid-19 potrebbero seguire ad oggi oltre 200 milioni di disoccupati. Non [...]
Episodio #5: Turismo Quali danni ha subito l’industria del turismo in seguito alla [...]
Episodio # 3: Sfide e soluzioni potenziali per il settore culturale Viviamo tempi [...]
Viviamo tempi difficili, abbiamo temuto per la nostra salute e quella dei nostri cari, e [...]
Das Packhaus is a project of Paradocks an international think- and do-tank for reuse of [...]
By working at a small scale, a digital platform helps neighbourhoods to strengthen social [...]
A former warehouse has become a living lab where the spatial and economical needs of [...]
ÖkoKauf (Eco-Purchase) is an initiative of the City of Vienna, part of the Eco-Business [...]
EOOS Design is a design studio based in Vienna. Since the arrival of thousands of [...]
Magdas Hotel is a social business hotel based on cooperation, existing resources and [...]
Purple Sheep is an initiative in Vienna that helps migrants with their visa [...]
Displaced in Vienna (AT) is an initiative of TU Wien architecture students and [...]
Bockwerk in Vienna is a wood workshop for refugees. In this workshop, refugees [...]