Over the past decade, market halls and open air food markets have become an important [...]
Right in the heart of an inner district in Budapest lies a 7700 square metre wild, at [...]
It is difficult to measure the cultural vitality of a neighbourhood. We can browse [...]
How to conceive a new cultural institution in an area already known for its strong [...]
How to plan a new cultural venue in a district already rich in cultural life? How can a [...]
CUP4Creativity is a project of the Budapest district of Újbuda, funded by the EU’s [...]
Polyák Levente írása eredetileg a budapesti alternatív kulturális szcénát [...]
Gólya is a self-organised community space in Budapest’s 8th district. Gólya has [...]
Probably all community centres in Europe have a lot in common regarding the way they work [...]
The Coronavirus pandemic is causing huge damage in both physical and psychological terms [...]
It is hard times, we fear for the future globally and individually. Many of us feel [...]
Fin dalla crisi economica del 2008, le città europee si sono trovate ad affrontare una [...]
Con l’arrivo della pandemia e del lockdown che ne è seguito, lo spazio pubblico è [...]
Viviamo tempi difficili, abbiamo temuto per la nostra salute e quella dei nostri cari, e [...]
Gólya is a community house in Budapest. It has been working for six years on Bókay [...]
Mindspace is a non-profit organization based in Budapest and founded in 2011. It manages [...]
A Város Mindenkié, in English The City is for All, was established in 2009 to advocate [...]
Deviszont is a community space located in the suburban area of Budapest. It offers [...]
In Budapest, a group of enthusiastic and passionate young people came together to mix [...]
Szatyorbolt has been operating an association and a food shop within a Community [...]
Communication between citizens and local administrations is a key element of [...]
The Jurányi Incubator House brings together dozens of theatre groups, associations and [...]
In 2011 a dozen young people retreated for a weekend to one of the suburbs of Hungary’s [...]
Művelődési Szint (MÜSZI Art & Community Centre) is a cultural space operating on [...]
Year: 2017 Length: 2.09 Director: Máté Bartha Language: Hungarian/English [...]
Year: 2017 Length: 3.00 Director: Máté Bartha Language: Hungarian/English [...]
“A legnagyobb bevételünk alapvetően az, hogy nagyon sok önkéntessel dolgozunk" [...]