Cooperative City in Quarantine

Episode #1

On 20 March 2020 we had our first episode of Cooperative City in Quarantine with experts on community development discussing what are the solutions communities are developing.

#2 Food

Dialogue on how the food production and distribution system is being affected by the COVID-19 crisis, looking into emerging practices and solutions.

#3 Culture

How can we help the creative community and how can we make sure that we learn something from this experience when the emergency is over and make the most of it?

#4 Community centres

How are community centres reacting to the COVID-19 emergency? What challenges are they facing and what unique solutions have they developed in response to the current crisis. 

#5 Tourism

How is tourism being affected by this crisis, at the same time how can this be an opportunity to rethink the sector, giving opportunities to local and sustainable development. 

#6 Urban commons

How can urban commons strengthen communities and help face the upcoming social and economic challenges? Produced in cooperation with the gE.Co project.

#7 Labour

In our 1st May episode, we discussed how labour can ensure social cohesion in the face of the upcoming economic crisis? 

#8 Education

What are the challenges and opportunities we are seeing by this very swift digital shift we are living through?

#9 Refugees

How does the Curing the Limbo project supports education, active citizenship, employment and housing to help the integration of refugees.

#10 Mobility

What are the challenges of sustainable mobility in European cities? What are the innovative methods to promote mobility in European cities?

#11 Public Life

How will public spaces in the post COVID-19 phase be adapting between public/community and private/commercial use and interest?

#12 Community Spaces

What kinds of financial support and solidarity structures are needed to help community-led development projects flourish?

#13 Social Inclusion

What are the challenges that vulnerable citizens are facing, which of these have been amplified by the crisis, and which of these are new?  

#14 Post-Covid Cities

For our last episode, we invited guests working with the EU, to understand how a social economy policy in Europe can be shaped.