FRIEDA 23 is a venue for art and media production. Located in Rostock, Northern Germany, [...]
Fusolab is a non-profit community hub in Rome’s Eastern periphery, offering educational [...]
ShareTown is a fictional town populated by a cast of characters, which sets out to [...]
By working at a small scale, a digital platform helps neighbourhoods to strengthen social [...]
With today's European cities hosting most of the continent’s population and urban areas [...]
The US presidential election results came as a surprise to many of us especially because [...]
Recent newspaper articles highlighted the controversial position of large ICT companies [...]
Based in Amsterdam since 2008, CITIES Foundation has been working to address global [...]
Toolbox was established in 2010 in an industrial zone of Turin. In the city’s [...]
Communication between citizens and local administrations is a key element of [...]
Laituri is an urban information centre in Helsinki established in 2008. Attached to the [...]
“The trick is how to translate the masterplan to something that people can understand" [...]
Year: 2018 Length: 3.55 Language:English Director: Jorge [...]