Like other major European cities, Barcelona has a great industrial heritage that can now [...]
In the past years, tourism’s growing share in national economies and the increasing [...]
We are flooded by the effects and consequnces of the global climate crisis, whether in [...]
Solidarity Everyday Space is a co-governed space inside the European Solidarity Centre in [...]
Considered by many as a secular saint, Mrs. Ute Bock (Linz 1942 - Vienna 2018) began [...]
In Scampia, one of the most challenged suburbs of Naples, a popular initiative uses [...]
In the centre of Vienna, a small commercial space is trying to make a difference working [...]
Riga’s Youth Centre KAŅIERIS is a non-formal learning and inclusive collaboration [...]
About one-third of the food produced worldwide gets thrown away[1]. Since its foundation [...]
In a city often regarded as the capital of classical music, a city rich in culture with [...]
As part of the European project called PlaceCity, placemaking for sustainable, thriving [...]
Community foundations are a means to mobilise resources within a territory in order to [...]
In 2021, Europe is facing a number of challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought to [...]
Medialab Prado is a citizen laboratory that functions as a meeting place for the [...]
The COVID-19 crisis has exposed the vulnerability of many disadvantaged social groups. [...]
What is the role of e-learning in schooling and education, and what are the challenges [...]
FRIEDA 23 is a venue for art and media production. Located in Rostock, Northern Germany, [...]
How can a complicated, abandoned parcel of land in a dense urban tissue gain new life [...]
The extractive nature of mass tourism is made possible by tourist behaviour, missing [...]
The cooperative L'Olivera manages agriculture projects with social impact in the [...]
Fusolab is a non-profit community hub in Rome’s Eastern periphery, offering educational [...]
Ecomuseo Casilino is a museum that operates beyond the standard walls of a museum. The [...]
Deviszont is a community space located in the suburban area of Budapest. It offers [...]
ShareTown is a fictional town populated by a cast of characters, which sets out to [...]
Mercato Sonato is a project to requalify an unused market hall in Bologna. It was [...]
Kilowatt is a co-working space inside the Margherita Gardens in Bologna. Opened in 2012, [...]
Rossella Ferorelli introduces us to Spazio13: a real connector in the city of Bari, a [...]
In the early 2000s, La Marina de Valencia hosted editions the America’s Cup and the F1 [...]
NEST is a temporary use project in the former City Library of Ghent awaiting [...]
De Pastory was created in 2015 in an old presbytery building and the garden on Ghent’s [...]
Based in Amsterdam since 2008, CITIES Foundation has been working to address global [...]
Plateau Urbain is a temporary use organisation in Paris. Established in 2013, it examines [...]
Toolbox was established in 2010 in an industrial zone of Turin. In the city’s [...]
The last decade has seen a significant change in the nature and pattern of migration [...]
The Jurányi Incubator House brings together dozens of theatre groups, associations and [...]
Goteo is a platform for civic crowdfunding founded by Platoniq, a Catalan association of [...]
Művelődési Szint (MÜSZI Art & Community Centre) is a cultural space operating on [...]
“If you have space, you should do something directly for the people who make up the [...]
Year: 2017 Length: 1.02 Director: Frederico Greco Language: English/Italian [...]
The idea was to seize an abandoned piece of land and recover its utility. Rather than [...]
Anna Maria Bianchi is the president of the association “carteinregola”, an initiative [...]
Bockwerk in Vienna is a wood workshop for refugees. In this workshop, refugees [...]
A few steps away from Rome’s Via Trionfale you can find the Borghetto San Carlo. A [...]
“A legnagyobb bevételünk alapvetően az, hogy nagyon sok önkéntessel dolgozunk" [...]