Social Cohesion Component of Strategy 21


This MOOC has been designed to adapt to your needs: be it a training session, a consultation, a self-evaluation or a one-on-one coaching session. The course is based on 10 modules. Each module contains a specially designed video, based on the teacher’s draft, explaining the basic content, and composed of photos, collected video elements and/or animations; a detailed brochure supporting the video/module, including links to relevant publications and websites to facilitate a deeper understanding of the subject; quizzes for self-evaluation.

This document is Module 2 – Social Cohesion Component of Strategy 21 of the MOOC, composed by Levente Polyák, based on Eutropian’s work and Cooperative City’s network of good practices. The rest of the course can be explored here.  with guidelines for the self-evaluation of practices here.

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The Council of Europe’s European Heritage Strategy for the 21st Century aims to promote a shared and unifying approach to cultural heritage as a resource for democracy. The ST21 MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) helps to address some of the challenges related to social cohesion, economic and territorial development, as well as education and knowledge related to cultural heritage. The online learning programme supports heritage managers at local, regional & national levels with the knowledge and skills to implement the Strategy’s recommendations, and also guides participants in the analysis of their heritage related projects and activities to become part of the Strategy 21’s good practices and networks.


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