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Food markets’ network as an infrastructure for local development in Rome

This paper investigates the central role of markets in the food distribution system in Rome and their role on neighbourhoods as a local service. Firstly, an overview of the current food distribution patterns in European cities and the role that public food markets play in it is provided. The article then delves into the case study of local food markets in Rome, looking into their role in supporting local food distribution, offering local services in public assets, creating employment and ultimately affecting the neighbourhoods they are located in.

Authors: Daniela Patti, Levente Polyak, Manuel Torreson

Publication date: 2022

Published by: Eutropian GmbH, Vienna, Austria;  Department of Planning, Design, and Technology of Architecture, Sapienza Università di Roma, Rome, Italy

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Stará Tržnica: Breathing life into an old market hall

Stará Tržnica (Old Market Hall) is a historical building in the centre of Bratislava. After years of unsuccessful attempts by the municipality to keep the market alive, a redevelopment plan with the input of the locals was realised by the Alianca Stará Tržnica combining a food market, cultural events, cafés, a grocery shop, a cooking school and a soda water manufacture. The space has helped to rebuild the community and runs in an economically sustainable way.

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Stiftung trias – Taking properties out of the speculation market

Stiftung trias was established in 2002, to help community groups and co-housing projects access financing. Trias takes land off the market by separating the ownership of land and buildings: supported initiatives lease the land from the foundation in the form of a long-term Heritable Building Right and their lease fee is collected in a mutual fund run by Trias. In recent years, Trias has also been working with public administrations, securing functions for properties that municipalities are obliged to sell under austerity laws.

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Interazioni Urbane – Reactivating the market

Interazioni Urbane​ is an association based in Rome. Addressing the deterioration and gradual abandonment of Rome’s Primavalle market, together with Banco e sto​, they have brought together market vendors, local residents and municipal officers to help turning the market into a community hub.

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Cooperative City Podcasts

Welcome to Cooperative City podcasts!You can follow our episodes on Anchor, Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts, Breaker, Radio Public or Pocket Casts. CUP4Creativity In this first

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Welcome to Cooperative City

What is the Magazine about? Cooperative City Magazine brings its readers the stories of collaborative urban development processes in different areas in Europe.It is a

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Planning post-COVID-19 cooperative cities Building on existing efforts towards social economy We advocate for existing knowledge, policy recommendations and financial resources to be geared towards

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Progettare città cooperative post-COVID-19.  Mettendo a valore gli sforzi compiuti nell’Economia Sociale               Vogliamo che in tutta Europa le

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