The role of the Studio Commissioner for Berlin exists since 1993. After the city’s reunification it became evident [...]
Rossella Ferorelli introduces us to Spazio13 : a real connector in the city of Bari, a container of innovation open [...]
Adriana Freire is the founder of Cozinha Popular da Mouraria, a community kitchen started-up as a BIP/ZIP project . [...]
In the early 2000s, La Marina de Valencia hosted editions the America’s Cup and the F1 Grand Prix Race. These [...]
Das Packhaus is a project of Paradocks an international think- and do-tank for reuse of vacant buildings inVienna. [...]
By working at a small scale, a digital platform helps neighbourhoods to strengthen social cohesion at many [...]
With today's European cities hosting most of the continent’s population and urban areas being the stage for many of [...]
The US presidential election results came as a surprise to many of us especially because we hadn’t encountered any [...]
Recent newspaper articles highlighted the controversial position of large ICT companies in terms of taxation, data [...]
A former warehouse has become a living lab where the spatial and economical needs of small entrepreneurs are [...]
NEST is a temporary use project in the former City Library of Ghent awaiting refurbishment and a new use. The 7000 [...]
De Pastory was created in 2015 in an old presbytery building and the garden on Ghent’s Heilig Hartplein. Born from [...]
Il Young Market Lab ha riattivato gli spazi inutilizzati del mercato coperto di Carbonara di Bari tramite il [...]
Il Mercato Lorenteggio si insedia nel quartiere Giambellino-Lorenteggio nella periferia sud-ovest di Milano. [...]
In Budapest, a group of enthusiastic and passionate young people came together to mix their own ingredients, in the [...]
Nel 2014 il Comune di Milano e Fondazione Cariplo hanno siglato un accordo per la definizione e l’adozione della [...]
Based in Amsterdam since 2008,  CITIES Foundation has been working to address global urban development problems by [...]
ÖkoKauf (Eco-Purchase) is an initiative of the City of Vienna, part of the Eco-Business Plan of the City, that was [...]
While decisions taken in Bruxelles are increasingly recognised as affecting our daily lives, little if any [...]
In the early 2000s, some cities in the Central Eastern European region began to introduce new mechanisms for [...]
Con la crescita del fenomeno dell’e-commerce, sempre più persone scelgono di acquistare ogni tipo di prodotto su [...]
Szatyorbolt has been operating an association and a food shop within a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) scheme [...]
Plateau Urbain is a temporary use organisation in Paris. Established in 2013, it examines the possibilities of [...]
Southern European countries were among the hardest hit by the 2008 economic crisis. In response to the economic [...]
Toolbox was established in 2010 in an industrial zone of Turin. In the city’s postindustrial search for new [...]
MAR Movilidad is the mobility hub of the Mares Madrid project, an initiative by the city of Madrid, co-funded by [...]
Toestand is a temporary use organisation in Brussels, helping citizen activities and community groups access spaces [...]
Communication between citizens and local administrations is a key element of well-functioning services. The rise of [...]
As a result of the signature of the Pact of Amsterdam on 30th May 2016, Europe has committed to improve its [...]
The last decade has seen a significant change in the nature and pattern of migration flows within the EU. As a [...]
ZOHO or the Zomerhofkwartier near Rotterdam’s Central Station has witnessed a significant revival in the past [...]
The Jurányi Incubator House brings together dozens of theatre groups, associations and creative companies in a [...]
Paralelní Polis is a community space organised around the notions of bitcoin and blockchain technology. Located in [...]
Responses to the economic crisis of 2007-2008, and ambitions to create autonomous systems of exchange generated [...]
A due passi dalla Trionfale si estende la tenuta agricola di Borghetto San Carlo. Un angolo di campagna a Roma [...]
Civic initiatives regenerating urban areas emerged all over Europe as an answer to the crisis of traditional urban [...]
Laituri is an urban information centre in Helsinki established in 2008. Attached to the Helsinki Municipality’s [...]
The international debate on the commons has a long history but only in recent years has it started gearing towards [...]
While affordable space for housing and community activities in Europe has traditionally been provided by states, [...]
Community Land Trusts (CLTs) are a model of community-led development, where local organisations develop and manage [...]
Stad in de Maak is an association set up to take on the redevelopment of vacant properties in Central Rotterdam, [...]
Locality is the national network of ambitious and enterprising community organisations, working together so [...]
In the past years, civic crowdfunding has become an increasingly used tool by communities to help finance their [...]
Shuffle Festival is an annual event that exhibits creativity through films, performances, architectural [...]
Spacehive is a civic crowdfunding platform based in London. The platform, established in 2012, supports projects [...]
Brickstarter is a platform for crowdfunding and crowdsourcing architectural projects, initiated by Bryan Boyer and [...]
The Community Land Trust Bruxelles was created in 2012 as an initiative of residents, activists and neighbourhood [...]
In the winter of 2007, exactly nine years before Donald Trump became president of the USA, I was a regular visitor [...]
Granby Four Streets Community Land Trust was created in 2011 to address housing issues within Liverpool’s Eighth [...]
Stiftung Edith Maryon was created in 1990. The foundation’s mission is to secure socially responsible places of [...]
In the last decades, ownership has become a key factor of our societies and economies. As Thomas Piketty [...]
Homebaked is a cooperative bakery in Anfield, close to the famous stadium of Liverpool FC. The bakery was set up as [...]
In the following months, we will bring our new book Funding the Cooperative City: Community finance and the economy [...]
To a large extent, the global financial crisis of 2007-2008 was a result of excessive real estate speculation and [...]
Madrid Agrocomposta is a circular economy project in Madrid, initiated by Plataforma Madrid Agroecológico​ , [...]
Coop57 is a cooperative for ethical financial services with the objective of financing projects in the social and [...]
In 2011 a dozen young people retreated for a weekend to one of the suburbs of Hungary’s capital to discuss the [...]
During the past few decades, housing has been at the forefront of community-led initiatives to guarantee the right [...]
Goteo is a platform for civic crowdfunding founded by Platoniq , a Catalan association of culture producers and [...]
Vivero de Iniciativas Ciudadanas is a platform to support citizen projects in Madrid. Initiated by the architecture [...]
“The trick is how to translate the masterplan to something that people can understand" The Estonian city of Tartu [...]
Művelődési Szint (MÜSZI Art & Community Centre) is a cultural space operating on the 3rd floor of a [...]
Bottega Artistico Musicale is an experimental centre of independent cultural production in Sapri, Southern Italy. [...]
La Cuciria - Sartoria Creativa Emotiva​ aims at creating awareness of ethical consumption through the activity of [...]
The Peissnitzhaus, a historical building in Halle/Saale was abandoned between 1990 and 2013 when 17 people founded [...]
Stiftung trias was established in 2002, to help community groups and co-housing projects access financing. Trias [...]
Located in a building of 220 m2 in Matera, Casa Netural includes a co-working space, a playroom, a kitchen, meeting [...]
Largo Residências is a hostel, hotel, artist-in-residence and café in Lisbon’s fast-changing Intendente [...]
Spreefeld is a housing cooperative created as a pilot project to contribute to the ongoing debate around the [...]
EOOS Design is a design studio based in Vienna. Since the arrival of thousands of refugees to the city, EOOS has [...]
Carrozzerie_n.o.t​ is an ex-car repair workshop in Rome that has been transformed into an independent cultural and [...]
Interazioni Urbane​ is an association based in Rome. Composed of architects, sociologists, psychologists and [...]
“If you have space, you should do something directly for the people who make up the area." ExRotaprint was founded [...]
L'Alveare​ is a co-working space in Rome that integrates a kindergarten, in order to allow parents, especially [...]
Gängeviertel is a historic neighbourhood of Central Hamburg. When plans emerged about the demolition of the last [...]
De Besturing was founded in 2006 in an industrial area of The Hague and over the years it has been transformed from [...]
LaFabrika detodalavida is a multifunctional community centre in Los Santos de Maimona in Extremadura (ES), that [...]
Wikitoki is a laboratory of co-creation and collaborative practices in Bilbao. Wikitoki experiments with new models [...]
Magdas Hotel is a social business hotel based on cooperation, existing resources and a social vision. Refugees, [...]
Funding the Cooperative City: Community Finance and the Economy of Civic Spaces Edited by Daniela Patti & [...]
BIP/ZIP is a pioneering strategy by the Lisbon Municipality’s Body of Housing and Local Development, promoting [...]
In the past decade, with the economic crisis and the transformation of welfare societies, NGOs, community [...]
Cascina Roccafranca   is a multi-functional community centre operating in a building owned by the City of Turin. [...]
Tudigo (ex-Bulb in Town) is a French crowdfunding platform established in 2012 by Alexandre Laing and Stéphane [...]
Purple Sheep is an initiative in Vienna that helps migrants with their visa application process. They provide legal [...]
Afrikaanderwijk Cooperative operates in South Rotterdam’s Feijenoord area. Evolved from an art project conducted in [...]
Alianca Stará Tržnica is an NGO managing the Old Market Hall, a historic building in the centre of Bratislava. The [...]
MarktHalle Neun, Market Hall Nine, is the ninth of the 14 market halls built in Berlin, of which 8 were destroyed [...]
With public spaces being created by the interaction of various social groups, marketplaces have traditionally [...]
Una cosa importante in questo mercato storico è il rilancio della struttura che da anni ha qualche inefficienza [...]
We met Massimo Marinacci at the Primavalle market in Rome. Massimo is the membership coordinator in the northern [...]
Shopping online has become a common habit in our society. More and more people choose their products online and [...]
The idea was to seize an abandoned piece of land and recover its utility. Rather than publish an article on this [...]
Officine Zero (OZ) was born in 2012 following the failure of the RSI corporation (ex Wagon-lits). The [...]
ANVA, the National Association for Commerce on Public Areas, is a professional association that gathers workers [...]
Anna Maria Bianchi is the president of the association “ carteinregola ”, an initiative aimed at promoting [...]
Displaced in Vienna (AT) is an initiative of TU Wien architecture students and professors. In collaboration with [...]
Bockwerk in Vienna is a wood workshop for refugees. In this workshop, refugees awaiting their asylum status learn [...]
A few steps away from Rome’s Via Trionfale you can find the Borghetto San Carlo. A little piece of countryside in [...]
“A legnagyobb bevételünk alapvetően az, hogy nagyon sok önkéntessel dolgozunk" A korábbi, Király utcai [...]