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Our cities are complex systems: they are not produced exclusively by development agencies, municipal departments or planning institutions. Instead, they are created by a multiplicity of actors, formal and informal, from neighbourhood initiatives and citizen movements to private and public development projects, policy frameworks and international funding schemes. City making is a set of negotiated processes that unfold in networks of actors through confrontations, conflicts, alliances and cooperations. In this magazine, we explore these processes through the testimonies of their protagonists, telling stories of urban transformation from different viewpoints and looking into the manners in which these actors contribute to shaping the culture, governance, environment, communities and economies of cities: the way they design, implement and readjust their actions and the ways they complement or counter the impact of one another.

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About the Cooperative City Magazine

Cooperative City brings its readers the stories of collaborative urban development processes in different areas in Europe. By focusing on the experiences of those who make, transform and enhance our cities, the magazine addresses their relationships, their challenges and their successes in bringing forward more inclusive and resilient cities.

The Cooperative City Magazine is the result of the join effort of many different professionals who collectively create this experiment. Our aim is to bring to our readers novel contents on how locally rooted development projects shape our cities. Read about the editorial team here.

Our articles are written by a variety of authors, take a look here to join the pool of cooperative city storytellers!

Cooperative City magazine is a project run by Eutropian, a company and association developing collaborative planning processes in various cities in Europe.