Planning post-COVID-19 cooperative cities Building on existing efforts towards social [...]
During the first weeks of the lockdown we noticed that there was little or no exchange [...]
The lockdown made the inequalities in our societies boldly visible. The key role of the [...]
Since the 2008 economic crisis, cities in Europe have witnessed a veritable revolution in [...]
With the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, public space was one of the most affected [...]
The Covid crisis is changing our lives, and mobility is definitely going to be one of the [...]
The COVID-19 crisis has exposed the vulnerability of many disadvantaged social groups. [...]
What is the role of e-learning in schooling and education, and what are the challenges [...]
Given the current situation, more than 200 million people could become unemployed as a [...]
Urban Commons are all those spaces, services and resources that are directly managed by [...]
Tourism is big business: It employs more than 12 million people in Europe, it counts for [...]
Probably all community centres in Europe have a lot in common regarding the way they work [...]
The Coronavirus pandemic is causing huge damage in both physical and psychological terms [...]
With the announcement of the lock-down due to the COVID-19 people in many cities [...]
It is hard times, we fear for the future globally and individually. Many of us feel [...]
La crisi dovuta al Covid-19 ha fatto venire alla luce in modo ancora più evidente la [...]
Qual è il ruolo dell’e-learning nell’istruzione e nell’educazione, e quali sfide [...]
Alla crisi Covid-19 potrebbero seguire ad oggi oltre 200 milioni di disoccupati. Non [...]
  I beni comuni urbani (Urban Commons) sono tutti quegli spazi, servizi e risorse [...]
Episodio #5: Turismo Quali danni ha subito l’industria del turismo in seguito alla [...]
Episodio #4: Centri di Comunità e network ONG Attive (ACTive NGOs) È ormai chiaro a [...]
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Viviamo tempi difficili, abbiamo avuto paura per la nostra salute e quella dei nostri [...]