ZOHO – Development with a hundred investors

ZOHO is a former inner city business area in Rotterdam, that gradually witnessed a loss of attractiveness. Stipo, an Amsterdam/Rotterdam-based urban regeneration office stepped in and cooperating with the area’s owner and various creative and social companies redeveloped the area step-by-step, through rethinking its empty buildings and public spaces.

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Vivero de Iniciativas Ciudadanas – Mapping and co-producing citizen initiatives

Vivero de Iniciativas Ciudadanas is a platform to support citizen projects in Madrid. Initiated by the architecture office Estudio SIC, the platform maps and brings together citizen initiatives that shape the city’s various neighbourhoods. Based on this mapping process and the related research, VIC teamed up with the Madrid Municipality and 6 more partners and made a successful bid in the European Union’s Urban Innovative Actions competition with the Mares Madrid project.

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ExRotaprint – Community ownership against speculation

ExRotaprint was founded by tenants of the Rotaprint industrial complex in Wedding, a traditional working class district in Northwest Berlin. When the complex was put up for sale by the Berlin Municipality’s Real Estate Fund, members of the ExRotaprint began to look into the possibility of buying the area.

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