Solidarity City is a media project of Cooperative City Magazine to promote and strengthen social and solidarity economy practices throughout Europe. Taking Vienna as its starting point, the project aims at mapping initiatives that focus on social inclusion, fair employment, participation, sustainable food systems, ethical consumption and responsible tourism. 

Despite the increasing interest in the social and solidarity economy in Europe, many initiatives remain known only locally, or are hidden from a broader public as their protagonists lack the time and skills to tell their experiences. Furthermore, there is insufficient methodological knowledge that would help these initiatives relate to each other and constitute stronger, more cooperative civic tissues.

We believe that Solidarity City, by giving a platform to a selection of solidarity initiatives in Vienna, exploring their achievements and challenges, as well as telling their stories and helping them gain visibility, can help create the missing link between solidarity practices, the community involved with them, urban policies and consumption habits. Solidarity City aims to provide an inspiring platform for the dissemination of good practices as well as policies that enable them.

Please have a look at the Solidarity City map where you can locate the featured initiatives and plan your visit to them or get involved with them in Vienna.

Solidarity City is supported by the Vienna Business Agency

About Cooperative City: Cooperative City Magazine brings our readers the stories of collaborative urban development processes in different areas in Europe. Cooperative City aims to bring to our readers novel content on how locally rooted, community-based transformation projects can shape our cities. The platform features articles, videos, podcasts, webinars both through our online magazine and through our social media channels. Cooperative City a project run by Eutropian, an organisation based in Vienna, Rome and Budapest, working with NGOs, civic initiatives, municipalities and universities towards just cities in Europe.  

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